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Monday, August 10, 2009

Wow..what a great last few days...

First of all ...Friday was my 10 year anniversary! I can't belive its been a decade all ready. (Love you baby!! ) Since we have soo much on our plate we decided to just take ourselves out to eat at Kyotos. I love love sushi and habachi grilling. The chefs make it soo much fun and we sat next to this sweet young couple that had just gotten married two days ago. She wants to be a photographer so we talked shop for a bit. Can't believe I didn't get her take a photo of us... Shame on Look at this all this yummy food. Wish I still had leftovers. Oh.. the top center photo is Mississippi Flower roll..crabmeat..cream cheese..all kinds of yummy goodness..

more to come..gotta go fix my tire before it goes completely flat in my drive way..but I really do want to tell ya about going down to Clarksdale for the Sunflower Blues some awesome photos... Check back in a bit. :-)

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